Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Instagram - November 2013

New glasses / Poppy in my bedcovers / Poppy on the chair / New hat
My art work in an exhibition / McBusted! / Dr Who game
Sideways Galaxy / Christmasy room / Pancakes / Poppy

Instagram - October 2013

Frieze art fair / Cakes / Poppy / Muddy shoes / Nando's date / Scream egg
Poppy playing / Zombie bracelet / Cinema / Editing / Mickey jumper

Instagram - September 2013

So I haven't particularly been up to date with this blog... at all, so I'm gonna catch up with the three Instagrams I've lost.
I do have a good excuse though... I've been writing my final year dissertation, which I handed in today, SO I'M FREEEEE!
Yay Sam!
Sibling trip to London / New haircut / Cookies / Dad's birthday cake / Poppy on the shed

Monday, 9 September 2013

Instagram - August 2013

Poppy / Family Trip / Road / Norwhich Cathedral / Watermelon shake / Boat
Family Boat / Cake / Beer festival / Gardening / Harry Potter puppets / Bowling
Bowling / Birthday cake / Marshmallows / Bowling / Birthday meal
Nan and Jamie / Art studio in a shed!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

I took Jamie to London!

It was his last day of the summer holidays, so I thought I'd treat him to a day out in London (After convincing dad that I knew what I was doing...)
Firstly we went to Mr Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum, which was filled with wierd and wonderful things that shouldn't be true... but are. It was pretty fun, five floors of strange things, inclusing a mirror maze and a lazer challenge (Which we kicked arse at, only breaking 6 lazers :D)
Then we wandered over to Tate Modern, because I wanted to show him all the free exibits and educate him a little, because he's never been to a big art gallery.
I think he enjoyed it? I kept on quizing him on things, and he knew a bit, and seemed interested in reading more about the work, think i'll take him to more :).
We sat by St Pauls Cathedral eating ice cream and then came home, which took FOREVER, because the train got stuck at Edminton Green, because of a dog on the tracks (Awhhh)
Succesfull day of fun :D!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I'm 22 Part 2!

We were supposed to go out for a family meal for my birthday on the Saturday night... but my body decided to be all pukey, so we went on the Sunday instead.
We all went to the Moorhen pub, which is now the 'Hungry Horse', I had Lamb shank and it was tastyyyyyyy!
I always love a good family meal, they make me all excited for some reason haha... I feel posh or something :D

I'm 22 (Old!)

Because my birthday was mid week and I wasn't doing anything til the afternoon with friends, my sister booked the day off work, and we went out for the day :D
So Kay, Jamie and me went over Harlow, for some bowling, lunch and Quazar, and it was funnnnnn
Plus I won everything... because I kick asssss!
For some reason I forgot to take pictures later on that night when I went out for a meal with friends, but it was good night, and they got me the most amazing presents :) <3